About Us

We are certified Ligurian, with a strong connection to our land and the traditions that bind us to it. We were handed down a slice of paradise from our ancestors and now we want to preserve it so we can hand it down, in improved form, to those who come after us. The property extends to the limits of the Mediterranean maquis and includes a large olive grove, a large area reserved for fruit trees and large swathes of grassland, once used as fodder for animals. The reeds hide a water source where you can pick delicious wild herbs called “prebuggiun” in the spring.

The settlement was established when a few centuries-old farmhouses that had never stopped carrying out their agricultural and pastoral role felt the need to undergo complete restructuring. The main building has been divided into apartments, and each comes with a spacious outdoor area that is partially paved and partially left to nature.

The spell cast by the colours and lights of the sun and the night only lacked the sparkle of the water, and so the swimming pool was built.

The task is not yet complete, there are still many jobs scheduled to do, and we look forward to your suggestions. Now there is nothing left but to wish you a good holiday!